Apricot, Banana and Peach

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While reading weaning books I divided weaning process into:

  1. Puree
  2. Mash
  3. Lumps and
  4. Cubes

it seems easy to understand where are we at the moment and what is coming next. Well, we are between number 3 and 4. At the moment it seemed like we will be forever on stage 1 but time truly flies and I’m so happy and grateful.

This time we made Apricot, Banana and Peach Puree (more lumpy, considering Mia’s age) –  recipe below.



Apricot, Banana and Peach


  • 2 apricots
  • 2 medium size peaches
  • one ripe banana

*makes 2 portions


  1. Wash apricots and peaches
  2. Cut into halves and take stones out
  3. Peel and slice banana.
  4. Blend apricots, peaches and banana with food processor or hand blender until smooth.
  5. Most delicious served straightaway not until freezing.

* offer pure fruit spread on toast or spoon-feed.

Happy Weaning

L xxx


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