Baby Treasure Basket


Too young for a treasure basket? Definitely no. A treasure basket provides the perfect opportunity to introduce some new items, new smells, new textures, new weights and new ways of holding things. Including items made from natural materials provides a gentle way of stimulating a baby’s senses.

In case you haven’t heard about Treasure baskets they have been used for decades by childcare professionals as a means of teaching young babies how to select, touch, taste and feel. It’s a simple idea but one that seemingly works to delight and inspire little eyes, ears and mouths. The Montessori teaching method is largely based on learning through touch, taste and sound and has proven that children can benefit from learning in this way.

There are all sorts of different treasure basket ideas you can use to make one. Baby loves exploring different objects. You can make one yourself, like I did or you can buy one. I love this one or this one both from Etsy.

In our treasure basket we have:

wooden spoons

measuring spoon


wooden grasping beads

wooden ring

rolling pin


wooden ball

teething toy

honey spoon


I love to watch his expression not only when he sees but feels something for the first time.


  • Samantha Donnelly


    What a lovely idea and a great way for them to learn about new things such as feel and smell. I will pass this onto my friend who has just had another grandchild

  • Claire


    These are lovely choices for a treasure basket. I love the natural products you’ve selected. I always tried to choose wooden toys for my son. They look so nice and wear much better x

  • Jennifer


    Wood as a material as a much nicer feel than plastic. Think it’s a great choice for babies

  • Rebecca Smith


    A treasure basket is a wonderful idea! Yours looks great. I will definitely be making one if I have any more children.

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