Cherry and Blackberry Dessert


Do I need to worry about giving my baby too much food? I noticed that Mia lately eats more. So I was wondering how I will know when is enough. Done little read and got few answers. When babies are full they’ll turn their head away and refuse to open their mouth. If they seem hungry you can always give them more food – it might be that they’re having a growth spurt or need extra energy because they’re constantly in the move! The bottom line is most babies are very good at controlling their intake, but again, if you’re concerned, ask your health visitor to monitor your baby’s weight gain.

Today I made easy fruity dessert, it is season of cherries (and I love them), I promise it is super delicious and so easy to make.



Cherry and Blackberry Dessert


  • 100g fresh cherries, washed
  • 4-5 blackberries, washed
  • 1-2 tbsp fraiche cream

*makes 2 portions


  1. Place the cherries and blackberries in a saucepan with a dash of water and simmer, uncovered, for 15 minutes. Strain the juice through a sieve, pushing down on the wire mesh to get as much as possible out of the fruit. Take some of the cherries and set them aside for later (discarding the stones).
  2. Serve with 1/2 tbsp of fraiche cream.
  3. Most delicious served straightaway not until freezing.


Happy Weaning

L xxx


  • Jeanette


    Like how easy this is. Love easy desserts and will sure try this 🙂

    • MLK123

      Thank you Jeanette!

  • Fatima


    Such a simple, yet delicious, snack. I would’ve probably assumed it was best served chilled. Thanks for the tip and recipe.

    • MLK123

      Thank you Fatima.

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