Complex Culture: Why Floral Is Making A Comeback

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Interior design has come alive during the pandemic. It was always ‘planned’ anyway. You may not know this but there has been a secret underground conflict going on. It’s between the postmodernists and the classic interior designers. The former group is into the neutral lines, tones, and minimalist approach. However the other group wants curvy lines to return and more colorful choices. Most importantly, they have a secret weapon that not even the neutral-lovers can deny. The floral pattern. It’s quite remarkable how many different ways the floral design can be implemented in the home.

The grandma sofa

Do you remember what grandma’s sofa was like? It was soft, warm and a little dusty. But, it has a classic floral pattern, right? There are some meadow flowers, garden roses and some daisies maybe. This is a sofa that is making a huge return to the home. It’s continually been at the top of most people’s choices for decor items because it is basically neutral. It’s a little feminine, but not too much. It’s also great because it promotes fabric sofas too. It is made out of breathable cotton, sometimes a mix of cotton and polyester. However, you can also select mixes of suede, velvet, and sometimes a silk mix as well. 

The sprouting wall

The wall is a prime candidate to be given the floral treatment. Floral patterns in wallpaper are very popular because it is a complex design, compared to contemporary options. It’s also very early-modern. This time period was famous for its usage of royal flowers in wallpapers, chests, drawers and even rugs. If you would like a sprouting wall, then go for a floral design. You may seek to go for a spring floral pattern, or maybe a summer pattern that is very bright and confident. We recommend that you have a beige or some other neutral color in the middle of the flowers. This way the petals and shapes will actually leap off the walls.

Area rugs

It’s winter now and you will want to have some kind of area rug. It’s quite impressive how the floral pattern has spread all throughout the world. The most famous of all is Asia. Indian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese cultures all have floral rugs at the top of their interior design choices. The classic Japanese area rug is very much in the design style of the older period paintings. The Edo Period was very famous for having these kinds of area rugs in the homes of the nobles and warlords alike.

The real thing

Of course we couldn’t leave you without recommending real flowers be put in your home. But since flowers can die off very equally, you can put them in specific refrigeration coolers designed for flowers. They can keep flowers alive for a lot longer by slowing the aging process without drying the flowers or freezing their normal functions.

Floral patterns are making a well-deserved comeback in the home. Can you think of any ways in which you would like to implement floral patterns in your own?


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