Essential Packing List For Your Baby Bag

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Any new mom will tell you that your nappy bag is your best friend. It’s the one baby essential that you will want with you at all times. If you head out and realize you have forgotten it, you will be quickly turning back. As a day out without it just isn’t possible. It’s kind of like a security blanket for parents, and it certainly rumps just a normal handbag. Whether it’s to solve hunger, mend a boo-boo, change a dirty nappy, or to whip out a toy, your nappy bag has it all. That is if you remember to pack it properly.

Let’s have a look at some of the nappy bag essentials you should be carrying around with you.

Try to think logically about what can be left behind and what you ‘need’ to pack. 

  • Nappies – You will need to have one nappy for every hour that you are out, maybe a few extra to be on the safe side. 
  • Wipes- If you can find a travel pack that could save you a lot of room in your nappy bag. 
  • Cream’Ointment- Use travel-sized tubes. 
  • Changing Pad- You may want to get one that is slightly larger than the one your bag comes with. 
  • Nappy sacks For placing the dirty nappies, wet clothes, and dropped dummies. 
  • Dummies- If you use them don’t forget to pack an extra few in your nappy bag. 
  • Burp cloths and washcloths-Throw in as many as you think you will need and then throw in a few extra. 
  • Hand sanitizer- You never know who’s touched what before you feed or change your baby. 
  • Food for baby- Whether it’s bottles and instant formula, pumped breast milk, or some baby food, figure out how many feeding times there will be, and pack to suit. Of course, for toddlers, you will want to also include some snacks and water. 
  • Change of clothes- YOu may want to pack a few changes of clothes. Spit-ups happen, leaky bottles happen , poo explosions happen, and also messy dinners happen. Don’t forget to include and extra outer layer and some socks. 
  • A hat- Regardless of whether you have had a winter or summer baby, you are going to need a hat or some sort. Either to block out the sun or to warm them from the cold
  •  Sunscreen.- If your little one isn’t going to be protected from the sun, or you’re going for a stroll in the park make sure they are protected with suncream. Really suncream should only be used on children over 6 months of age, you should be keeping them away from the sun and in shade under this. 
  • A light blanket- Regardless of the time of year, it’s good to have an extra blanket to hand in case there are breezes or aircon in restaurants, etc. 
  • Toys- Of course, you need some toys to keep them entertained. Board books, teethers, rattles, they are all easy to throw in the bag. 
  • Some bits for you – Whatever you would usually stick in your bag, include that. Things like your phone and your  American classic car phone cases to make sure they don’t get damaged, keys, essential contacts, and a little bit of extra cash. 

This is just a short essentials guide to make sure you are packing everything you need in your nappy bag. Everything on this list should have you well prepared for a day out. Is there anything else that you like to pack in your baby bag? Please share them in the comments below. 


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