Etsy Holiday Gift Guide (for EVERYBODY on your list)


I wish I were the kind of person that excelled at gift giving. The ones who ALWAYS come up with the perfect idea, for any occasion, for ANY person. Even if it’s someone they met five minutes ago. I wasn’t born with that gift. BUT, I can cheat. I use Pinterest.

And today, I’m going to help those of you who may need a little help as well. If you’re looking for that amazing, personalized gift for someone this holiday, and need to stay within a reasonable budget, I’ve got some ideas. I’ve hunted down my favourite source Etsy

Wrapping Paper Gold Metallic Star – gorgeous gift-wrap to give your Christmas gifts a beautiful touch.

Animal Prints – wonderfully illustrated prints for children’s room.

Smile Jute Shopping Bag –a perfect gift for you or your own friend. In my shopping basket already.

I love personalized gifts and this personalised spoon for dad is my new discovery, so original and cool.

Little Book Of Big Dreams – this gorgeous gift will show you care enough to pick something specific. They are a way of sharing something that moved you, or made you laugh and I absolutely love them.

Mabel Bunny Crochet Kit for crochet lovers this is brilliant gift idea and end result is too cute.

Personalised Baking Gift – delight any child with a unique personalized baking gift set. A beautiful set of child friendly sized utensils.

Personalised Do Not Disturb Travel Mug – I have a weak spot for mugs and this one is my new absolute favorite.

Knitted Chunky Blanket– those blankets will add texture and warmth to any space. I LOVE them.

Counting Wooden Lacing Toy – I love this set of wooden toys. Inspired by Montessori educational approach is the perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to plastic toys.

Happy Wrapping 😉

L, xo

  • Jessica Brown


    really like the travel mug too!! I have a weakness for coffee cups as well, I always seem to loose them too! Merry Christmas x

  • Tracey Kifford


    I love those giant wool blankets! I’ve always wanted one

  • Rachel Evans


    Oh I love personalised gifts x

  • Eva Katona


    I buy lots of stuff from Etsy and indeed it’s so useful for finding unique gifts!

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