How to Bring The Outdoors Inside Your Home


Over the past few years, we’ve begun to realise that the way we’ve been living may be slightly, well, incorrect. While we all rushed to the home, and tucked ourselves away from the great outdoors, the truth of the matter may be that we’re not able to distance ourselves from the outdoors too much. It’s a part of us — we need it in order to feel at happy and at peace. While we can get our fill by taking a trip into nature, how often, really, are we able to do that? Not as often as we’d like. Instead, why don’t we try and change the way we live, somewhat? By bringing more of nature into our homes, we’ll be blurring the lines between ourselves and the great outdoors. Below, we take a look at some ways we can do this.

Let in More Light

We’re able to figure out, simply through trial and error, whether the amount of light we receive in our home is good for us, or not. If we find that we’re forever down and in need of other things to lift our mood, then it’s possible that we’re not getting enough in our home. However, it’s not like we need to just accept it if we live in a dark home — there are things we can do to improve our living arrangements. Like you know, let in more light! If you can add an additional window, then do so — if you can’t, then adding mirrors to the wall, and avoiding overcrowding your property can all help to alleviate the problem.

Add Plants

Why not literally bring the outdoors into your home? House plants might just be one of the most underrated things that you could add to your property. For starters, they’re awesome from just a decorative point of you. Who doesn’t love the bright colours of house plants? Second, they’re amazing for your mood. The more plants people have, the happier they tend to be. No-one knows for sure why, but they touch something elemental in us! There was even a New York woman who replaced her roommate with hundreds of plants. She didn’t regret it.

Open Those Windows

There’s not much better than letting the house fill up with those delicious spring and summer breeze scents. While you can manufacture or buy your own scents for the home, it’s much better to let nature show off all of its glory and do the job for you. So when the sun is shining and there’s a light breeze in the air, open those windows wide, and let the air in. If it’s too cold, then you can make the most of all-natural scents. OK, it’s not going to be quite the same as a breeze — but it’s the next best thing.

Natural Sources

There are certain things that you need to have in your home, such as heat. It’s this comfort, or, rather, the convenience of comfort, that in many ways keeps up isolated from the outdoors. Why would we venture outside when we have a warm and cosy place right in front of us? However, it’s not that we necessarily need to get our comforts from the latest technologies and the like. One of the best ways to heat our homes, for instance, is to use probably the oldest method we have — burning wood. At Ultimate Fires, you’re able to buy a wood heater that will keep your home toasty, and also provide you with a view — burning logs — that’ll take you back to mankind’s more primal times. We don’t necessarily need to cut out all of the old ways of doing things in favour of more modern options!

Textures from the Earth

Another way to bring a touch of the outdoors into your home is to use materials that you’d naturally found in mother nature. Distressed wood and stone, for example, are two materials that can give a kitchen that earthy-feel. Elsewhere throughout your home, you can use touches here and there.

Decorations and Accessories

You have to decorate your home with something, why not make it things that remind you of nature? Small items like pinecones, jars of sand, seashells and the like can all add a twist to any home. Those items are directly natural, but you can also include items that evoke nature, too, such as the kinds of souvenirs you’d find in obviously outdoor, hippy-style towns. Next time you’re on your travels, keep an eye out for anything that might look good on your shelf as a decorative piece.

Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone has a bunch of fruits and vegetables in their home (if you don’t it’s time to review your eating habits). These are foods that nature has provided, they grew — or should have grown — freely in the great outdoors, and now they’re in your home. That’s pretty special! Instead of keeping these ingredients tucked away in a cupboard, why not put them front and center, and hang them in your kitchen? It’ll give the heart of the home that old country home vibe, plus it’s much enjoyable to see all the colours of your fruit and vegetable out on display rather than inside a drawer.

On the Walls

Everyone should have at least one work of art in their home. It adds so much, and asks so little (only that you should move it to another part of the home every few months, so apathy doesn’t set in) in return. So if you’re going to buy a piece for your home, why not make it something that’s thematically connected to the outdoors? A painting of your favourite scenic spot will look great on the walls, and also make you feel good. There are rules to buying art for the home, however, so make sure you know what you’re doing before buying a piece.

You can’t also head into the outdoors, so make your home a place that reminds you of all things natural — it’ll make the wait in between trips more manageable!

  • Rosie (@greenrosielife)


    Love these ideas – we are great ones for opening windows and doors helped by the fact one of our dogs can open the front door … but can’t shut it lol

    • Leila

      Lol that’s funny! Thanks Rosie.

  • Amanda Blackburn


    What a lot of wonderful ideas. I love plants and natural wood.

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