Keeping Your Home Clean From Pet Odours


If you have pets, then it is likely that you treat them as if they are part of the family. You love them, you look after them, you spoil them, and some of you may even let them sleep in your bed from time-to-time. However, the only downside to being an animal lover is the fact that they can leave a horrible lingering odour in your home. This is because your animals lay on your carpet. Their smell becomes ingrained and, therefore, it is often very difficult to get rid of. Nevertheless, you really need to do something to combat this issue. Thankfully there are a few tips and tricks you can use in order to help you get rid of the pet odour from your carpet.

One of the first things you need to do is remember to clean up any mess made by a pet as soon as possible. The quicker you clean any mess in your home, the less time the smell will have to linger. The longer you leave it the bigger the issue will be. Nonetheless, merely cleaning up any mess imminently is not always good enough. After time, the horrible smell will begin to rear its ugly head and you will need to deal with it.

In this instance, it is always good to use a carpet shampoo machine. Once you have done this you can then use a pet odour neutralising powder. This works to counteract the smell and should consequently neutralise it so that all smells are eliminated. You may be wondering how the powder does this. Essentially it actually contains live bacteria and enzymes. These actively work via digesting the protein and bacteria causing the odour. Once you have done this it is recommended that you leave your carpet for a substantial amount of time, most professional cleaners advise individuals to leave it for approximately eight hours. After the time has passed you can then vacuum the area. It should then be as good as new and any smells should be eliminated.

Nevertheless, if you still feel that the pet odour is present then it is recommended you seek the services of a professional cleaning company like ACC Carpet Cleaners. Cleaning services have expanded dramatically over the past few years. There is now a wealth of diverse cleaning services available. The removal of pet odours from carpets is actually one of the more popular options. This is because this is a cleaning challenge most people struggle with. If you use one of these companies then they will have industrial strength neutralising powder. They are assured to have an array of other products in their locker too. This is one certain way to guarantee that the smell disappears.

Everyone loves their pets, but most people do not love the smells they bring to the home with them. Thankfully these can be rid of via a technique using neutralising powder. Nonetheless, if you struggle to use this yourself then you can always hire a professional company for the task.

  • Ethan Mills


    Spot on! I love my dog, but he can bring in a lot of dirt from outside, especially this time of year. He is also getting pretty old so more and more accidents keep happening.

    • Leila

      Thanks Ethan!

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