Last Minute Gift Ideas Anyone Will Love

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There always comes a time during the year when you suddenly realise that you need to get a gift for a family member or a friend at short notice, and one of the hardest things to do at this time is to decide exactly what you want to get for them. Today I am going to take a look at some super simple ideas for last minute gifts which anyone is sure to love.

Something personalised

When you are looking to buy a gift for your loved ones and you want to get something a little more special, you can always choose something from the Personalised Gift Shop and get them this. It could be a tote bag for your aunt or grandma, a whiskey or beer mug for your dad or uncle, or perhaps something such as a necklace for your Mum or your partner. There are always lots of options and these can be super fun to play around with.

A meal out

The way to pretty much anyone’s heart is through their stomach and you will never find someone who will reject the offer for a free meal! If you really aren’t sure what you want to get for your family or friends this year and you don’t have long to come up with a plan, you can have a meal out somewhere they love and this could be a great opportunity to spend some time with the people you love and enjoy yourselves together.

A holiday

If you are looking for an option for a gift for your partner or a parent, a great idea would be to book a last minute trip away for the weekend or even book a full week away somewhere they will love in the summer. Sometimes the gift of a trip can be much more exciting than a gift to open up and it can be a perfect time to make some amazing memories which you can both cherish forever afterwards.


If you are stuck on what to get for something for their birthday and you know that you don’t have much time to find something amazing, you can cheat the system a little bit and pretend that you had a plan all along. One of the things you can do is tell the recipient that you plan to take them out shopping for the day to choose anything they want. This can always be a good idea and plus, it will save you buying something which they don’t like!


For a family member or a friend who isn’t necessarily the closest to you, one of the easiest options for a gift will always be some chocolate. Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes and flavours so you can pretty much find something to suit anyone. You could opt for their favourite chocolate bar if you know what it is, or perhaps instead you can think about a box of mixed flavour chocolates or something fun like a chocolate bunny or reindeer.

  • Helen Copson


    Some great ideas here. I love getting personalised gifts but never seem to remember to do it time so I’m going to check out this website. Failing that, chocolate is always a winner!

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