Learning Resources: Four Games We Love


Whether your children already started school or you are homeschooling, here are four games that will add more fun to their learning. https://www.learningresources.co.uk/ Educational Toys & Learning Games contain resources for subjects including Math, Language, Science, Social Studies and more.

We have been kindly gifted following super fun Learning Games.

Sight Word Swat

When it comes to learning common exemption words/tricky words, Mia is very reluctant so I always wanted something that was a little more fun. She is typical playful child, so loves the fly sways and splatting then words. There are lots of words included in the game, many that she isn’t learning just yet but I’ve sorted through them and just using the ones she needs at the moment. I can imagine when using them all it could be a great fun.

Sum Swap

Absolutely brilliant little game for young learners. Involves practicing addition, subtraction, odd and even numbers. The child has as much chance of winning as the adult which makes it fun. My daughter loves playing this game.

MathLink Cubes

My daughter really enjoys playing with those cube. They feels chunky/pleasant to hold and they click together very easily. Great for teaching basic maths concepts from early years onwards. There are helpful cards as well with ideas, supports things like counting on, number bonds to 10/20 and basic patterns. Simple design but great idea.

Tackling Tables

Tacklingtables Card Game is the fun game for times tables success. Mia will be learning time tables this year and we can’t wait to explore this fantastic game.

Give your children the best head start in a new school year with this brilliant educational toys.

ps. we have been kindly #gifted those items, all opinions/pictures are our own.

  • Claire


    These look brilliant! We absolutely love board games in our house and we really need some for our youngest that are aimed at her as a lot are just a bit out of her reach.

    I might check these out for Christmas x

  • Samantha Donnelly


    These look great fun. I love games that are fun but also educational as well as kids learn so much more through play

  • Lianne


    I love Learning Resources games, we have the Sight Word Bingo, which is super fun while educational, and my 6 year old is far too competitive to realise he’s learning at the same time 🙂

  • Sarah Bailey


    These sound like some great games to help kids learn while they play. It is amazing how many different ways to learn with fun are around now.

  • Anosa


    I used to love board games when I was young and I am slowly teaching my nephew to love them too.

  • Linda Hobbis


    What a great selection of games – particularly the maths ones. Tackling your tables is pretty useful at any age!

  • Yeah Lifestyle


    These are fantastic for little ones who are learning to do maths such as additions and subtractions as they are in a game form. Tackling Tables is something I am keen on getting for my son.



    These look great. I love the math link cubes we have some and they’ve come in useful for the kids to help them learn.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra


    These learning toys are going to be a big help for my grandson. He is having some difficulty in learning to read. These toys look so much fun and will make learning to read a more enjoyable activity.

  • r


    We love Learning Resources in our house! These games all look brilliant and I might have to pick some up for Olivia.

  • Kara


    We love learning resources and the tackling tables set has been a big help here. I love the look of the other games

  • Playdays and Runways


    great choices. We love learning resources products, they are always so much fun and educational too.

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