March – Our Montessori At Home In Pictures





art fun with melissa & doug stamps

creative breakfast

first proper snow in London (after few years)

sand paper letters (sound ‘m’)

insets for design can be real fun

stamping & reading

gluing, cutting & sticking

painting on the large paper sheets

orchid festival in the Kew Gardens

duck on our way (at Kew Gardens)

after seeding work first herbs are out, watering in action

march veggie basket

Land, Water & Air Jars

more images: @mylittlekeepers


March in Books

1000 Things in Nature/How do flowers grow?/The Tiny Seed

Spring/The Ugly Duckling/The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Colors

Tree/Poppy and the Blooms


In effort to pick up my camera more often and record our days together, I am bringing this series from this month, a few small snippets of our homeschool journey each month, shared with the books we’re reading and new stuff we love! Enjoy the glimpse!

L, xo

  • Milena


    I love it!! What a great job you are doing!!


  • Emily


    Your March book selection looks great! I will have to look into checking a few of them out from the library. My kiddos would love them.

  • Myriah


    Looks like so much fun!! I love the Tiniest seed book!

  • Lisa


    This is beautiful! It looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing.

  • April@LoveOurRealLife


    LOVE your pics — they definitely say 1,000 words;-). Also, the toast is awesome. I can’t wait to do that with my kiddos!

  • Adrianne


    These pictures are so sweet! I’m obsessed with your chick-y egg

  • Najah


    Such a beautiful display of learning! Absolutely love it!

  • Shannon


    Love it! These look like amazing Montessori and exploitative activities for pre-k/kindergarten.

  • Marquita@LovetheLaniers


    Such a beautiful and inspiring environment for so so much learning at every turn.

  • Julie


    Looks like lots of fun! The stamps are really cute. My girls love to make art with pieces of paper and love to paint too.

  • Charissa |


    Great photos! Looks like it was a great month!!

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