Melon and Raspberries Puree with Créme Fraiche


After weeks of messy faces and spoon-dodging eating 3 meals a day slowly settling down. We are getting into healthy eating routine of family mealtimes. I’m combining everything we learnt in past weeks and still keep adding new tastes. My main goal is to establish a routine that will help my baby M (and hopefully to some other mini munchers) to enjoy new flavours and textures – the beginning of a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Hope my new recipe will re-fresh your weaning journey (recipe below).

Melon and Raspberries Puree with Créme Fraiche


  • 1 slice (100g) of ripe melon (honeydew, galia or cantaloupe)
  • handful  of raspberries

*makes 1 portion


  1. Scoop out seeds and cut away skin.
  2. Cut melon into small cubes.
  3. Wash raspberries.
  4. Blend melon and raspberries with food processor or hand blender until smooth.
  5. Most delicious served straightaway not until freezing.
  6. Serve with 2 tsp of créme fraiche

Happy Weaning

L xxx

  • Lauren


    This looks gorgeous! We will be trying this soon.

    • MLK123

      Thank you Lauren.

  • Tricia


    Looks yummy! I bet my little guy would love this!

    • MLK123

      Thank you Tricia.

  • Morgan


    Yum! Looks so good (and pretty, too!)

    • MLK123

      Thank you Morgan!

  • Stacy


    This would be a great thing to add to the menu, especially after all the Easter treats we indulged in this past weekend!

    • MLK123

      Yes indeed it would be! Thank you Stacy.

  • suzanne @ my kind of sweet


    This looks delicious (for me, too!) 🙂

    • MLK123

      I always make one for me as well 😉 thanks Suzanne!

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