Montessori Gobbi Mobile

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I enjoy playing with Mia but most of all I enjoy in creating materials that will benefit her ongoing development. Some of them are easy to made little bit of research, extra time and needed materials. Result happy and well entertained baby. Since I started my Montessori education I was fascinated how simple materials can have such huge impact on the child holistic development. Well now I’m even more into Montessori baby materials (perhaps those 0-6 months).

Montessori Gobbi Mobile are easy to make and Mia observing them whole 20 minutes without complaining to be picked up guess it gives me time to have much needed peaceful cup of coffee 🙂

They can be introduce at 6 days of age. The purpose of this mobile is awesome. They are to help to refine sense of site as it is developing, to encourage focus and concentration as well as chromatic information. I made three mobile red, blue and yellow – introducing primary colors 😉




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