Montessori Inspired Bee Activities for Toddlers


Insects of all kinds are fascinating to young children. My daughter is not exception so I try to channel that interest with a preschool theme on bees. She loves learning about the homes, habits and diet of these common but mysterious insects.

I’ve introduced this unit by reading a stories about bees Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book by Britta Teckentrup and Why Do We Need Bees? by Katie Daynes are good choice. With a trays I’ve put for her we also enjoy so much this cute bee fingerplay:

Here is the beehive. (Hold up one hand made into a fist.)

But where are all the bees? (Both hands palms up as if asking a question.)

Hiding away where nobody sees. (Hold the other hand over the fist as if hiding it.)

Here they come flying out of their hive, (Keep one hand in a fist and have the other “fly” around it.)

One, two, three, four, five! (Hold up one finger at a time to count.)

Honey Tasting

Bee Stickers

Bee Stencils

Bee Life Cycle Stages

Why Do We Need Bees? by Katie Daynes

Parts of a Bee

Bee Counting Activity

Bee Cutting Stripes

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  • Holly


    These are amazing ideas! I used to be a pre-primary Montessori teacher and need to start doing more with my own daughter! I LOVE your set up! So bright and cheery! Definitely bookmarking your page to come back and visit 🙂

    • Leky83

      Thank you so much Holly!

  • Jennifer Maune


    Love this! Great way to teach about bees as we start seeing them more and more this summer. Love the song!


    • Leky83

      Thank you Jennifer.

  • Keating


    This is such a cute idea!! I used to be a toddler and preschool teacher so I remember having so many fun activities and lessons for my students. My daughter just turned one earlier this week so I’m excited to start working some fun activities into our everyday routine.

    • Leky83

      That’s wonderful. Thank you!

  • Sharon Chen


    These activities are great! I’m just confused with the different types of approach in schooling– but this post made me understand Montessori style better 🙂

    • Leky83

      Thank you Sharon 🙂

  • sarah


    What lovely ideas. It would be nice if your links went directly to the product you were promoting, as I’d love to see them. But for me, they just link to a random viglink page that isn’t the least bit relevant. It’s showing me a page for Wayfair selling shoes and such 🙁

    • Leky83

      Hi Sarah,
      thank you so much for letting me know, not sure how it happened I’ve just fixed it 🙂

  • Alexis


    These activities look so fun! We are due with our first this summer so I pinned this post to use down the road!

    • Leky83

      Good luck!! x

  • Bridgid | @HeyBougieMama


    This is so cute. I love it. I’m always looking for new ideas like this for my 2 boys. I’m going to have to try this one out.

    • Leky83

      Thank you Bridgid!

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