Montessori Inspired Toys at 8 Months



As Mia is getting older she is becoming more interested in her environment. So I have introduced more toys for her to explore. Unlike Montessori Work at 8 Months these are not ”traditional” work but these are toys that I believe work well in Montessori household and indeed in any other.

Wooden Blocks from  Wooden Construction Set

At the moment Mia is mostly interested in taking them out and putting them in basket. I like them because they are small and easy to use for little baby’s hands.

Little Friend Rattle from Hape

Lovely rattle, Mia loves this toy.

Stacking Cups from Fisher Price

I wish we had a nice wooden set. The plastic ones are nice, too, because they can be used in the bath or on a shelf.

Sophie La Giraffe Original Teether in Gift Box

This my not be 100% Montessori but it is such great teether that I really love.

PicMonkey Collage


What are your favorite Montessori friendly baby toys?

L xxx

  • Jen


    Great toy picks! We have Sophie and love her (my daughter is 13 months and still uses her). One of the other toys we like are these: Tobbles My daughter loves stacking them and knocking them down and they stay together easier than the plastic cups.

    • MLK123

      Thanks Jen, I will have look in those 😉

  • Shannon


    My girls loved Sophie and the cups!

    • MLK123

      Everyone loves Sophie 🙂

  • Abigail


    My nephew loves his little giraffe! Great post!

    • MLK123

      Thanks Abigail.

  • Crystal Foose


    The only thing I know about Montessori is that my son’s preschool teacher used to teach at one for many years and she is completely amazing so there has to be something to it!

    • MLK123

      Thanks Crystal, yes Montessori is amazing approach to children’s development.

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