Moving Home: How To Keep Children Happy Throughout


As we are approaching our first anniversary in our new home I thought I would put together few words about how to keep children happy throughout while moving home. The process of moving home is undoubtedly difficult and challenging for everyone, but there are particular challenges that parents of young children face when seeking to manage the process. Young children and toddlers are simply too young to truly grasp what is happening, which can be difficult for them to process – especially if their usual routine is disturbed by the move.

If you are planning to move home in the future, then my experience below can help yo to ensure that young children are as happy and content as they can possibly be throughout the process.

Condense the process as far as possible

The longer a moving process lasts, the more challenging it can be for children. By condensing the process into as short a timescale as possible, you should be able to ensure there is minimal disruption to your children and their routine. I do know that sometimes is not just up to us how fast we gonna move but moving quickly will, obviously, require a high degree of organisation, but many parents find that this is preferable to a long, drawn-out process that spans a number of weeks. 

 Introduce them to the new house before you move in

If possible, it can be useful to take your children to the house prior to the day you actually move in. That’s what we have done with our daughter. This gives them a chance to explore, learn where their new bedroom will be, and generally familiarise themselves with the space. This experience helps to ensure the new house feels at least somewhat comfortable to them; they may still need a few days to get back to normal, but visiting beforehand can greatly assist with this process.

Seek professional assistance

The process of moving is inherently time-consuming, which can be difficult to balance with ensuring your children are as comfortable and happy as they can be throughout the process. To avoid this, it may be best to hire professional movers such as Two Men And a Truck to help manage the moving process itself, and it may also be useful to hire a sitter on the day of the actual move. By bringing in professional help, you should be able to ensure the move is as smooth and comfortable as possible for everyone in your family.

 Re-establish their routine as quickly as possible

In the aftermath of a move, it can be tempting to let your children find their own bearings rather than seeking to re-establish their routine. However, routines can actually help your children to find their bearings all the quicker; they help to emphasise that life hasn’t changed, even though you have moved home. You may find that the sooner you re-establish normal routines and behaviour, the sooner your children begin to relax into their new environment.

Moving home when you have young children is always a complex process, but hopefully the tips above can help to ensure that your entire family is able to manage as well as you possibly can – good luck!

  • Anuma


    Thanks for the tips dear, will definitely go through if I move somewhere 🙂

    • Leky83

      Glad to hear that 🙂 x

  • Tamara Goyette


    I actually fear the day if we ever have to move, this is so helpful

    • Leky83

      Thanks Tamara.

  • cassy french | blissfully her


    great advice! we just moved & it seemed like my 1 year old had a somewhat hard time adjusting for about a week or so. we got back into our routine (& created some new ones) and she was back to herself in no time!

    – cassy |

    • Leky83

      Thank you Cassy! Glad to hear that.

  • Aria | Blogs by Aria


    Wonderful tips! We recently moved and my kids are older but it was still a transition for them because it’s not where they’ve been for the past 9 years.

    • Leky83

      True! Moving house is never easy. Isn’t it!

  • Siedah | I Am Love Blog


    Hi Leila, I am moving in the next two months. I had not thought of allowing my daughter to explore her new home prior to moving. That is a wonderful idea.

    Hiring help can be expensive with the moving company, but there are independent contractors looking for side money. I have a friend who works are the local High School who helps teens make a little extra cash. What a wonderful idea right?

    • Leky83

      That’s also wonderful idea!

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