My 1st Blog – iversary!


With great JOY, today I’m celebrating the very 1st Blog-iversary of My Little Keepers!

Wow! Has it really been one whole year? Although in some ways, it feels longer because of all the wonderful experiences I’ve had while blogging!

The very first on my list is all of YOU!

All the wonderful friends that I have met, laughed with, shared ideas and experiance with and come to love as treasured friends! Thank you to the busy mom that takes 5 minutes out of her day to read something that I have to say. To the random person that stumbles across this little piece of the internet and decides to stay awhile. To my family that continuously read and support this blog. Seriously, thank you all.

My blog has become my happy place and where I go to learn new things, have something I truly enjoy and something that is totally and completely my own.

   My top posts from throughout my first year of blogging:

   Sensory Bean Bags – Montessori Inspired Baby Toy
Sometimes I Feel Lonely. Do you?
My Baby Cheerios
How (enough) Good Mother I Am?
Montessori Work at 8 Months

Cheers to this last year and to [hopefully] another great one.

L xoxo

  • Milena


    Big congratulation clever friend!


    • MLK123

      Thank you Milly.

  • diedre


    Congrats!! I reached a year back in July. It’s an amazing journey isn’t it?!

    • MLK123

      Awesome journey. Thank you Diedre.

  • Kim


    So exciting! Congratulations!

    • MLK123

      Thank you Kim.

  • Sane Mama


    Congrats! I am a little late to the game, but excited to read more of your writing 🙂

    • MLK123

      Thanks Sane! ????

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