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Lovely friend of mine ( soon mother to be) came to visit us and as we chat about what to expect she asked which parenting books I’d recommend. Good question, I’ve read bunch of them (specially in last weeks of my pregnancy) not to mention that I’m not allowed to be worry if anything worries me about Mia ( T and mum just replies: didn’t you read so many books).

I can’t remember all titles that came across my hands at work and in library but here are my 7 favorite that I have at home…


1. VERY famous collection and almost must have are What to Except when you’re excepting & What to except the first year by Heidi E. Murkoff

What to Expect When You Are Expecting  is brilliant book, it’s matter of fact without being too complicated, it’s fun and friendly without coming across as patronising, and it’s full of all of the information you need, which you can read right through or jump around between the chapters that you feel are relevant to yourself and your pregnancy. It has every answer I needed.

What To Expect The First Year  also great book -I bought this book on the back of owning What to Expect When You’re Expecting. As a first-time mum, I’ve found the book equally as invaluable. As well as the twelve chapters on what to expect month by month, there are excellent sections on baby health, ailments, first aid, baby care, breastfeeding, diet (for baby and mum), and fatherhood. It gives you general picture of what to except each month. I try to read little bit in advance.

2. The Baby Book: How To Enjoy Year One by Rachel Waddilove  I really love this book. Working with children for long time but not having much experience with new born reading this book I’ve got answers I wasn’t sure about: setting sleep routines, feeding, controlling crying. Rachel, experienced maternity nurse and mother herself talks in such gentle and traditional way very close to me. I really wanted to have good guidance with setting Mia’s sleeping routines and this book definitely gives me that.

3. What To Eat When You’re Pregnant by Rana Conway During my pregnancy I found myself eating healthier than almost ever in my life. I gained 6kg (around 13 pounds) and that’s thanks to this little book. There were useful tips and info about what I should and shouldn’t eat, along with information about supplements. I’m still using it now as there is also a section on what to eat whilst breastfeeding. A great buy and so useful.

4. How Babies Think: The Science of Childhood by Alison Gopnik I noticed this book on the shelf in Montessori College so was interested to find out more. This is more academic book and unlike a typical parenting book, the emphasis is on the mental process and placing this in context, great help to understand your own child.

5. The Secret Of Childhood by Maria Montessori I’ve got this book as part of my Montessori training but I read it before the training even started and by now several times. I could not put it down. If you want to understand the world from a child’s perspective, understand why children do what they do and how you can help them realise their potential, then I suggest you read this. Not only if you are a teacher or work with children. This knowledge and understanding is fundamental for everyone, every parent and every human being. It is time we treated our children correctly and supported them rather than standing in their way!

6. Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?: The Surprising Science of Pregnancy by Jena Pincott Last but not least. I LOVE chocolate (who doesn’t) so read this book with sweet feeling. Great book, lots of information about what’s going on with your body and mind. Remember to read it with a pinch of salt as all the information about what impacts a baby could get you quite obsessive and anxious otherwise!

What about you? Which parenting books or memories have you liked? I really would love to hear…

  • Yvonne Marcus


    I shy away from all parenting books, but these look amazing. I might have to try one or two.

    • MLK123

      Thanks Yvonne, yes I def recommend all of them.

  • suzanne


    These are awesome picks! I have only read What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Will have to check out the others when the day comes 🙂

    • MLK123

      Thank you Suzanne, yes I def recommend all of them.

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