Our Green Purees – Important but Hardest to Like?


”When you eat up your greens your body makes glue, which keeps all your bites still sticking to you. But I was quite silly, I made a mistake. I wouldn’t eat good things, I only ate…”

(Vegetable Glue by Susan Chandler)

When I first time came across to this book I couldn’t wait to introduce to my child. And here we are 🙂 even M (6 months old) still don’t have clue what is it about she happily looks in illustrations. It tells simple story about why you should eat vegetables and what happens if you don’t! It gets children guessing that if they don’t carry on eating greens then who knows what would fall off 🙂 Superb rhymes and wonderful illustrations. I take great pleasure in reading it aloud to her. Delivers a clear message in a light hearted way.

Having said all of this above I introduced first green veggies to my baby and over all she likes it. So far I noticed M is more keen on veggies generally while not so sure about fruits. But we are taking easy, no rush…it takes time…weaning!!! I also noticed that she desperately wants to take spoon from me – led weaning? (more about this in my next post)

Here I share recipes and how easy is to make them.
Broccoli Pure


  • 100g broccoli florets
  • cooled boiled water (or your baby’s usual milk)


  1. Wash broccoli and steam for 8-10 mins until soft.
  2. Cool slightly, and add 2-3 tbsp of the water or milk.
  3. Blend with food processor or hand blender until runny and smooth. If you need to, add more liquid.

FSCN0556 Pea Puree


  • 50g frozen peas
  • cooled boiled water (or baby’s usual milk)


  1. Steam peas for 4 mins
  2. Strain peas, add 3 tbsp of cooled boiled water or baby’s milk and blend with food processor or hand blender until runny and smooth. Add more liquid if you need.


Avocado Puree


  • 1 ripe avocado (thinner and should feel soft)
  • baby’s usual milk


  1. Use 1/4 of avocado, peel skin from avocado, quarter and slice
  2. Mash slices in a bowl with a fork, add some baby’s milk if needed.

Happy Weaning 😉

p.s.here is link for Vegetable Glue if you fancy to get one  

L xxx

  • Savannah


    Thank you so much for these AWESOME recipes. My 10-month-old has an extremely hard time with textures and is just starting to eat solids-finally-and I really think he would enjoy these!

    • MLK123

      Thank you dear Savannah. ! I’m glad you like it and even more if your baby will enjoy them. xxx

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