Spring Inspired Montessori Work for Toddler


The arrival of spring! It seems that Spring is here (finally, after so many rainy days). The sun is shining and it’s making us smile. With the weather getting warmer here are some ideas how we are celebrating Spring. I have put together few new Montessori inspired activities on Mia’s shelf. On our shelf we have:

Threading small beads – when I first time introduced Mia threading activity I have used large beads, gradually we moved from the large beads to smaller ones. I regularly replace them to make the activity interesting to her.

Spring inspired cutting stripes – you can introduce children to using scissors when they express interest in cutting, they also need to be able to concentrate, have reasonable eye/hand co-ordination and manipulative skills. My daughter lately can spend a good amount of time cutting paper stripes. She shows great interest in using scissors.

Sorting parts of a flower – This activity was so much fun to put together. Since my daughter can’t read I draw pictures of flower petal, stalk and leaf and stick them on each glass jar. Mia cut each part of flower and while she was sorting them we talked about flowers and she smelled petals before putting them in the jar.

Lacing activity – At first I thought that this activity wouldn’t work for us as she might be a bit young for such a concentration but on my surprise Mia showed great interest and after two weeks having this on our shelf she is still interested into lacing those flowers and butterflies.

And that’s it!

L, xo

  • Meg


    These are great simple activities, and I especially love the simplicity with which they are displayed.

  • Jalisa Harris


    Love these activities. Montessori has helped my son so much since he has ADHD. He gets bored easily but with activities like these they help him with his learning and reaching his goals.

  • Julie


    These are great activities! My toddler would love these. Love everything you have on your shelf as well.

  • Tabitha Blue


    Ohhhh, I’m in love with your work stations!!

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