Spruce Up The Old Conservatory

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The conservatory is a beautiful room that can act as an indoor garden at home. If you have a conservatory in your home, though, chances are that it’s one of the rooms that you spend the least time inside. What are our beautiful indoor gardens too often overlooked? 

More often than not, the conservatory doesn’t fit in the day-to-day routine. Whether you are working from home or relaxing with a book, you already have allocated areas that can support your activities. Therefore, the conservatory can be left unused. But, there’s so much you can do to bring back the room to life and make it part of your household routine. 

A lifestyle-friendly floor

When you have young children, the conservatory can feel unfriendly and cold. Indeed, potted plants can be a source of dirt for the little ones. While we all appreciate that playing with soil is part of the learning process, dirty hands and footprints on the carpet can make the conservatory unappealing. Simple switches can make the area warm and welcoming without compromising maintenance. You could consider a hard flooring solution, which is easy to clean. A cozy area rug can elevate the space and make the conservatory warm and inviting. Unlike a carpet that requires a specialist washer, a rug is easy to clean. 

Quirky seating options

The conservatory is, in essence, a living area that bridges the gap between the home and the garden. Think of it as an open seating room. As such, the typical sofa could feel out of place there. Instead, it can be a good idea to add furniture that is garden friendly, such as the collection by The Best Adirondack Chair Company. The advantage of garden furniture is that they will feel at home in the conservatory during the colder months. In summer, you can open your conservatory doors and move the furniture into the garden.  

Not a replacement of the lounge

The conservatory is not a second living room. It’s a space you can use to relax in nature, away from disruptive TV screens and high traffic spots inside your home. If you are working from home, for instance, the conservatory can make an excellent home office. It is a peaceful space where you can focus on your thoughts. You’d be surprised to know how much more creative you can be when you are surrounded by plants! Alternatively, you can also transform the room into a reading area. It’s the perfect place to lose yourself in an immersive story! 

Using it as a learning opportunity

As a parent, you can also use the conservatory as a fantastic real)life classroom for young children. Toddlers can learn to respect and love nature from an early age. Why not encourage them to help you repot some of your favourite houseplants? You can even grow a small vegetable garden with them. Picky eaters can learn to appreciate the ingredients they’ve grown in the conservatory. You can successfully grow tomatoes, green beans, zucchinis, peppers, and even salads in pots. 

It’s time to bring the conservatory back into our daily life. The old-fashioned area can be a soothing environment for children to get close to nature, and adults to work in peace. You don’t need a dramatic change of decor to update your interior. In fact, simple and practical pieces can do the trick for you and your family. 


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