Thank You Note To All Moms This Mother’s Day


No matter when you celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s all about making it a special day for the person who brought you into this world.

I was sitting and imagining what it would be like to receive a thank you from my child.

We don’t become Moms for recognition or acknowledgement, we do it for the relationships we build with our children. We do it from a place of selfless, boundless love.

But we deserve to be thanked for our tireless, passionate, endless work as Moms. We don’t get sick days, personal days and we really don’t even get Mother’s Day off, do we?

So here is the thank you note every Mom should get. This is for you!

Never say you’re ”just a mom” and know that your work is the most important there is!

So, Mom, this one is for you:


This Mother’s Day, thank whomever you call “Mom” for being the best on the planet at her job.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

L xoxo


  • Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms


    Happy Mother’s Day to you! Since becoming a mom myself, I now try to remember to thank my own mom as often as I can!

    • Leky83

      Thank you Vicki. I do same!

  • Sally


    This is so sweet. Happy Mother’s Day regardless of when you celebrate it!

    • Leky83

      Thanks Sally!

  • Amanda


    This was so sweet! I used to think of Mother’s and Father’s Days as “Hallmark holidays”…until I became a mom myself. It is such a hard job, and I appreciate my parents so much more now!

  • Kate A


    This is such a sweet post… I definitely appreciate my mom even more since becoming a mom myself. We don’t do a lot for Mothers Day, but I do try to let my mom know how special she is.

  • adree keele


    Great reminder I’m guilty of saying I’m just a mom. But really being a mom is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had!

  • Shan walker


    Being a Mom is the hardest, most rewarding thing on earth! Thank you!

  • Danielle


    Such a loving post! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Momming can be hard.

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