The Rookie Mistakes All New Moms Make

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The newborn baby in your arms is looking to you with eyes that say “what’s next?” There’s nothing like the realization that this little bundle of joy depends on its parents for everything. Food? Someone gets the bottle. Dirty nappy? Where’s the changing mat? Warmth? Come here, baby.

Of course, the responsibility leans on the mom more than anyone else. You’re the specialist, which means you’re the leader. It’s like looking after two kids! Through all this, it’s worth noting that new moms make mistakes. They may be small, yet it doesn’t make them less potentially catastrophic at the time.

They aren’t, but it’s hard to get out of the mindset. To help, below are rookie errors you’re bound to make at some point.

Believing EVERYTHING You Hear

Yes, some horror stories are true and they do happen. The majority of them, however, are hearsay, gossip doing the rounds. The temptation is to believe everything you hear because your mind is conscious that this job is going to be difficult. Why wouldn’t thumb sucking result in a complex in later life? Just listen to the words and let them sink in before making a judgment. If it sounds too ridiculous to be true, then the odds are it is and there is nothing to worry about.

Comparing Babies

Your sister or brother or cousin or someone close to you has had a child also. Apart from the feeling of joy, there will also be the urge to judge your child against theirs. Are they walking already? Why isn’t my son or daughter doing the same? The answer is that kids develop at different speeds. While the research is sketchy, most experts believe maturing slowly doesn’t harm their development until later on in life. Regarding talking and walking and general baby stuff, they’ll catch on in time.

Getting Locked Out

Every single mother has been there at least once before. The child is in one hand and their travel accessories in the other. Then, there’s the cell phone and the indispensable cup of coffee. But wait, you’ve forgotten something. It’s fine because you can run back in after strapping the little one into their seat. Whoops, you can’t because the keys are inside and there is no spare. Luckily, VPS deals in key emergencies. Call them and they should cut a new key within minutes and let you back into your home. No mom can remember everything.

Not Capturing The Moment

In the age of cameras and Instagram, it seems weird that moms wouldn’t take lots of pictures. The truth is that you feel as if you will never forget the moment. Fast forward 18 months and you can’t remember them being miniature. Moms get caught up in their baby’s present and the past quickly fades. Although there are new experiences on the horizon, it’s nice to look back and reminisce. The iPhone is there so don’t be stingy.

How many of these have you made already? Are you less judgmental now after reading this post?



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