The Smart Guide To Preparing Your Property For Viewings

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Before you can move home, you face the mammoth task of selling your property. Of course, before you can sell, you need to invite potential buyers in for viewings, which can be pretty intimidating even for the most house proud among us. The good news is that there are some strategies you can use that will prepare your home for viewings in the best way possible and ensure that potential buyers fall head over heels in love with your property. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Make your space more neutral

What buyers want is to be able to visualize themselves and their families living in your property. This means the easier you can make this for them, the better your chances are of selling. 

One way to do this is to get rid of any bright paint, or heavily patterned wallpaper. Instead replace these with neutral painted walls, as these are likely to appeal to a great deal more people. Also by taking out elements of your own personal taste and style, even if your potential buyer doesn’t like the neutral paint you chose, you won’t run the risk of alienating them or putting them off before they have the chance to explore your property. 

Another way to make your home more neutral is to remove all your personal photos and decor such as pictures that the kids have drawn that are displayed on the fridge. I know this can be tough, as these items are often the things in our home we most treasure! However, if a buyer walks into your home and is met with lots of photos it gives off such a strong message of ownership, that they may struggle to envision their own lives in the property. 

Remember, successful viewings are not just about presenting your home in the best way, but also ensuring that the views get a good emotional feel from the place. It is emotion that sells houses, over everything else! 

Deep clean your carpets and rugs

Next, do not forget to take the time to deep clean any flooring, especially any carpets, and rugs. The issue here is that while you may have got used to a carpet that is less than pristine, it is one of the first things that viewers are likely to notice.  

Happily, you can save yourself some serious time and effort by finding professional carpet cleaners to come and help you with this task. Indeed, by using a specialist you can expect a more thorough job, and ensure that your crafts and rugs dry out as quickly as possible, something that can help you out of a fix if you have people coming to view your home soon!

Fix any obvious breakages 

Viewings are all about creating the best first impression possible. Unfortunately, something that is likely to detract from this very quickly is when there are obvious damage or breakages that need to be fixed. 

Indeed, this not only reminds the viewer that there are tasks that need to be completed once they have bought the home, but it also gives the impression that the property may not be that good a career for. That there could be even more serious issues that they have yet to discover and that could cost them a fortune and lots of hassle to sort if they do go ahead with an offer. 

To that end, if there are any issues such as chipped tiles, cracked worksurfaces, or peeling paper around your home, you need to attend to them before you invite anyone in for a viewing.  

Add greenery to each room 
Plants are not just a major interior decorating trend right now, they also create a wonderful ambiance in a home. Indeed, they bring in a bit of the outside, spruce things up with plenty of green, and make sure the air in your home is as clean and oxygen-rich as possible (Plants suck up Co2 at night and pump out oxygen as part of their respiratory system). 

The great news is that there are plenty of different types of plants and various ways to display them to create the right aesthetic to impress potential buyers. In particular, macrame hangers are very popular right now. Team these with trailing plants such as ivy or pea plants as these create a wonderful boho look. 

Alternative palms can add real features to a room as well. Heavy terracotta pots can work well, but be sure to position them right. After all, you won’t want them to block out any of the main selling points of a room such as lots of natural sunlight or original tile. 


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