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My Little Keepers is a parenting and lifestyle blog. It’s all about real people and real events, written by me. All the posts are my own and of my own experiences and opinions. I am happy to receive any requests for product reviews, sponsored posts, or advertising as long as it pertains to me, my website and my readers.  It should be children related, or parenting/family related items. I am into cooking, fashion, photography, food styling, reading, dining out would consider related items as well.


If I do a review or sponsored post, I will always disclose this in the post. All opinions will be my own. I will only write honest and open reviews. There will not be outside influences, and my reviews will never be biased or swayed by any PR relationship.


Advertising is welcome as long as I feel it’s relevant to me, my website, and/or my readers. Contact me for pricing and more details.


Please do not copy my material or pictures unless otherwise stated for link ups. These are my writings and my photos for your view only.






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