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When I was pregnant, I wore stuff from the men’s sale rack. It’s the best place to find a classic, oversized look and add my own twist to it. When it comes to clothes I always tend to look comfortable and cool, pretty much laid-back style. Most mornings I get ready in five minutes because I’m taking Mia to play groups, so there are little mantras I use when getting dressed. One of them is ‘go monochromatic.’ If I put on a ”wine” dress and hoodie, to me it looks a little more elevated and planned because it’s monochromatic.

Burgundy Cropped Hoodie: New Look; Dungaree Pinafore Dress: New LookHigh-tops: Converse.

It took me a long time to realize that skinny jeans weren’t great for my body type. But then a whole new pant world opened up for me: Omg, trousers! Boyfriend jeans! I’m riding that wave right now. When pants are relaxed, I feel relaxed.

Levi’s 501 CT Boyfriend Jeans similar; Ruffle Shirt: M&SLeather Brogues: ASOS similar.

Turtle Neck Jumper: New LookBell-shaped skirt: H&M.

The tucking-in of the sweater is also a new phenomenon for me. I didn’t know you could do that and still look fashionable. But it’s totally a thing! I first saw it on a girl at a dinner party, and she had tucked a just a tiny part of her sweater, like a thumb’s worth, into silk pants.

What clothing style do you like?

L xoxo


  • Nicole Roberts


    Very fun! I recently updated my winter fashion capsule and will see if I can work in the sweater/skirt combo! Love it!

    • Leky83

      Thanks Nicole.

  • Lauren | also known as mama


    You have great style! I love the monochromatic wine look.

  • Belle


    I love your fashion finds! I especially love the turtle neck and skirt combo!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • Leky83

      Thanks Belle.

  • Lisa Grooms


    I have terrible fashion sense! This was so lovely to read! I love your style!

    • Leky83

      Thanks Lisa, I’m still learning too.

  • tineke - workingmommyabroad


    Great finds! Love that skirt on you!

    • Leky83

      Thanks Tineke.

  • Krysten


    I think my favorite out of all of your outfits, that last skirt makes me happy. I am a sucker for midi skirts

    • Leky83

      I love midi skirts too.Thanks Krysten.

  • Val


    Love your first look with the Converse

    • Leky83

      Thank you Val.

  • Sharon Chen


    I love your fashion! Looks very comfy, too!

    • Leky83

      Thank you Sharon.

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