Three Ways How To Make A Small Space Feel Much Bigger

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While our home may have felt large and spacious before we had little ones running around, chances are that things feel a little tighter now there are more people living and storing all of their belongings in the space. Now, there are options that can make our living space genuinely bigger. You could move house or carry out renovations such as extensions or loft conversions. However, these are expensive and extremely time consuming. Instead, you might want to try out a few easy to implement interior design tricks that will open the spaces that you already have up! Here are a few to consider (that I’ve implemented in my home).

Invest in Toy Storage & Rotate Them

The main source of clutter in family homes tends to be children’s toys. Most of the families are familiar with scenes at the end of the day where children’s bedrooms become landscapes littered with colouring books, crayons, paints, Lego bricks, teddies, dolls, jigsaw pieces, toy cars, and train sets. Now, not only does this make the living space look a mess, but stray toys scattered about the floor can also prove a safety hazard. So, avoid slips, trips, and falls by investing in some effective toy storage solutions and offer just few toys at the time. Mia has plenty of toys but every week I offer her just few to play. Each week I rotate them with new ones.

There are plenty of storage solutions out there, so browse the market. Toy chests have stood the test of time for good reason, but you might also want to consider more modern designs like roll-out under bed storage.

Replace Curtains With Blinds

This may seem like a small change, but it really will open your room up and make it appear bigger. The majority of us have traditional curtains in our properties, however these are bulky and surprisingly space consuming, so you should try new window fashions, such as blinds and shutters. These can be rolled up and out of the way when not in use and offer a sleek look when they are pulled down. Just remember to keep the strings well out of the way of your little ones, as you don’t want any potential accidents associated with little ones getting tangled up in them.

Opt for Neutral Colour Schemes

The colour that you choose to paint your interiors can dramatically affect how spacious your interior design appears. Excessive use of contrasting, bright colours can make even an empty space feel small. So, attempt to keep your colour scheme to two or three colours at most and, if possible, opt for neutral tones. Now, if you have children you may have reservations regarding lighter tones. After all, kids put their hands all over the walls and can leave all sorts of marks. But don’t worry. You can purchase easy to clean and wipe down paints that are specially formulated with families in mind.

By following these few steps, your family home should feel a lot less cluttered and a little more roomy. They may be simple, but they are effective and each individual step is something that you should consider trying out sooner rather than later!


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