WEANING: What will you need before you start?


Before I rolled my sleeves and got started with peeling, steaming, boiling, cutting and blending I needed few must have tools. Not to get confused there is on market so many ”musts” but realistically we have most of it already at home. However some things  are essential and you should have them to be able to make all those delicious baby purees. I put together little list what you need to start making baby food (many of  the items you already have at home whether you are first time mother or not) so here we are:

Baby Food Blenders, Food Processors & Presses – when it comes to baby food processors I always look for three things: easy to use, easy to clean and good value for the money (not too cheap or too expensive).

Tableware & Baby Food Storage -there is so much to choose from, shape, size, classic once or fun once. Discovering first food doesn’t need to be challenging any more. When baby bowls and bibs have lovable faces, dinner is a bit more fun!

Bibs –I would say bib is matter of personal choice and every baby is individually different but this one is my choice and generally I prefer plastic ones.

Sippy Cups so many to choose from, we haven’t yet got one though.

Highchairs, Seats & Accessories feeding babies and toddlers is a messy business at the best of times and huge chaos at the worst. At the epicentre of feeding time is the high chair – a staple piece of furniture that’s designed to keep your loved one secure and (ideally) your floor clean. High chairs certainly take a battering, which is why, when looking for the best out there, you want one that’s safe and easy to clean. At least that’s my choice.

Until my first puree…Happy Weaning!!

L xxx

  • Sarupa Shah


    What great tips and such an exciting time … baby weaning and all those new foods to introduce.

  • Roger Willis


    We never made homemade purees for our middle son and our daughter. I’m not really sure if the items were accessible in the 90’s, and just took for granted there was plenty of jar food available. I do recognize a lot of parents will want to go the homemade route, and I feel that is awesome. One of my former co-workers just had a baby, so I’m sending this to her.



    I used bibs, lots of them. Mine got food just about everywhere when weaning. Great tips, it’s good to make sure others that haven’t weaned yet know what will be useful.

  • Yeah Lifestyle


    This is such an informative post for young mothers, I remember trying to read so many books just to find the right equipment and answers on how to wean my little one. Your blog post is so complete

  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too


    A good highchair was certainly something that we invested in. One that can be wiped down and cleaned easily as it is surprising just how messy they get

  • Rhian Westbury


    I don’t have kids so can’t comment on weaning but I think it’s so important to do what’s right for you and baby x

  • Kara Guppy


    I loved this stage and cannot wait until my grandaughter starts trying new foods

  • Anosa


    I had a 7 year gap between my first and my second child so when I came to wean my daughter I had completely forgotten what I was doing! Luckily I have got back into the swing of it but going out requires so much more planning and extra supplies. Having a decent blender is an absolute must!

  • Laura


    This is a really exciting time, we did baby led weaning so fortunately didn’t need to make purees, did mean though that our bibs always had to be oones with sleeves to try and protect his clothes.

  • Valerie


    Making baby food wasn’t really done when my boys were born. This is helpful for anyone that wants to try it.

  • Jade Braham


    Great tips and very informative blog post. I don’t have any children but I can see why this would be useful knowledge for those who do.

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