Babies explore and absorb everything around them. In a Montessori environment, we try to provide as many opportunities to explore as possible. If you have read my previous post about Treasure Basket than you know how easy is to make one for your little one. I really love them because they are such fun! Mia loves exploring it. This time I made color themed baskets. I think they provide an awesome introduction to colors. However, not every Montessorian agrees. Many questions if they really are used in a “Montessori” or they are just sensory experience.

Normally, in a Montessori environment, children are not taught colors. Instead, they absorb them from being in a language rich environment. And, I totally agree with that.  However that’s not the purpose of these baskets. These baskets are for open-ended exploration. Not for teaching colors. Just for fun.

Image (9)

Your own baskets can be made with anything you have! These baskets don’t really require that you buy something special — another reason I love them. Anything you think your child will enjoy can go in, there’s no pressure!

Did you make similar baskets? Please do share them! I would love to hear your opinions?

L xxx