3 Real Estate Secrets to Boosting Your Property Value

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While you may have been dazzled by the beauty of your home when you first bought it, attempting to sell it a decade later is kind of like getting back onto the dating market. Age has, if not ruined, eventually changed its beauty and after so many years, the standards on the market seem to have changed as well.

When putting it back on the market and hoping that someone will snatch it up at a good price, you need to treat your home the same way you would treat yourself before that big first date; clean yourself up, put some paint on, and try to make that all-important first impression as good as possible.

If you’re currently in the process of selling your home, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here is a handful of great tips in terms of boosting the property value slightly as well as all sorts of tricks to how you can attract even more buyers.

It just makes it a bit easier to get the kind of price you’ve been looking for – and showing it off to others won’t seem as intimidating either.

First: Can you afford any upgrades?

The first thing you should do is to consider your budget and whether or not you’re able to afford some of the serious property value boosters. A formidable jump in price doesn’t come for free, after all, and you might have to invest a bit to get even more back – but if you’re able to afford it, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back either.

The best upgrades you can do involves, of course, the bathroom and the kitchen. People love to see a shiny, sparkling and modern bathroom so upgrade your sink if you’re able to and consider changing out the tiles as well.

You don’t have to go overboard with this, though, and as long as you change out anything that seems outdated, you should be good to go.

Consider your kitchen as well and treat it to a new and fancy backsplash if you’re able to. This is the kind of DIY project that won’t take up much of your time or money at all so pull your sleeves up right away and get started if you’d like to see that selling price increase.

Another upgrade you might want to consider is to change out your windows and doors. Although they might seem kind of irrelevant, they can really make your home look completely different and of a much higher quality. Have a look at these timber sliding doors, for example, and you’ll impress those buyers right from the start.

Next: Fix up its exterior

Before your prospective buyer steps into your home and evaluates the inside, he or she will get a decent impression of it by looking at its exterior. Does it look well-maintained, clean, and like everything is of a high quality?

Unless the potential buyer is looking for a fix-me-upper, they’re not going to ignore the sight of loose roof shingles, a shabby garden, and paint that’s peeling off the walls so make sure that you’re taking care of this first.

Fixing up the exterior doesn’t have to be a major project, though, and you can get a lot done over a short weekend or so. Hire professional painters to give it a fresh coat if it needs this, get the roof taken care of right away, and get to work in the garden.

While a landscaped garden is one of the biggest selling points in terms of boosting your property’s value, it’s not really necessary unless you have the time and money for it. Just make sure that the garden looks neat, place a potted plant or two by the entrance door, and give the lawn a cut if it’s starting to look overgrown.

Their first impression should be of a neat, clean, and beautiful home and this is where your garden can really do its wonders. Have a look at this article if you need a few gardening tips and get started right away.

Finally, the exterior of your house will also include your gutters and your windows. Give them a clean right away and you’ll have a house that practically sparkles in the sun; it’s just the kind of thing a buyer would love to see when pulling up into your driveway.

Put the cherry on top

If you’re wondering what you can do about the inside of your house, the answer is quite simple; talk to a real estate agent about getting your house show-ready or attempt to do it yourself. The latter comes with a word of warning, though, as real estate agents really are very good at making your home look picture-perfect before the viewers arrive.

If you still insist on taking care of it yourself, you can check out this article first to make sure that you’re getting it right. The key to a stunning interior is, after all, the same as the ones for your exterior: Make sure that everything is neat, clean, and that it gives an impression of high-quality, in general.

There are a few more ways to make your home pop, by the way, in case you’d like to attract as many eyes as possible before the viewings. A rather poorly kept secret is to paint your front door in a colour that draws the attention of passersby. This might be a lovely mustard yellow, for example, or an aquatic blue as both colours are quite trendy.

Just make sure that this is allowed in the area you live in, though, so that you’re not breaking any rules on keeping your front door plain and boring as everyone else in the neighbourhood.

Remember to clean yourself up a bit too before the big day, if you’re going to be present during the viewings, and make yourself as presentable as possible. They would like to see that decent people have owned the house before them, after all, and a friendly smile combined with a put-together look can also do wonders.


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