3 Simple Ways To Get More Green Fingered


With the dawn of a new year, we might be considering some resolutions to achieve for 2019. While some people make it their mission to lose weight, others want to get fit, and others still yearn to travel more, some of us have simpler, less arduous goals. With spring just around the corner, you might be considering getting a little more green fingered. If you’ve never spent any time in your garden before and you have minimal horticultural knowledge, you might be a little concerned that you may kill any foliage that you come into contact with. However, with any luck, this guide will help you take it slowly and learn to embrace your passion for fauna and shrubbery.

Start Basic

There’s no point heading to the garden centre and asking for a flower simply because you like its shape and colour. It may be a tricky little beast to grow, it might hate the climate that you are in and it may die at the first sign of a chill. You are better to create a couple of pots to grow some plants from seed. This can give you a perfect view of how a plant grows, the stages of development and you will feel a sense of pride when you spy your first flower in bloom.

Marigolds, daffodils and rose bushes are perfect for the novice gardener. If you have borders surrounding your lawn, you may want to plant some flowers or shrubs to add a bit of colour to your garden. Experiment but take your time and don’t plant too many different flowers.


If you only have a front garden, don’t think that you still can’t give gardening a go. While you might only have a patch of lawn, a couple of hanging baskets and some window boxes to tend to, you can still maximise the space with fauna. Companies like Lifestyle Patios will even custom design a patio so that it fits around your planting. You may not even want to plant flowers. Perhaps, vegetables are more your thing, and you want to become a little more self sufficient. Window boxes that get plenty of sunlight are perfect for herbs like sage, coriander and thyme. Brighten up your gastronomic delights with some homegrown herbs freshly picked from your very own front garden.

Join A Club

To meet like-minded individuals, widen your social circle and get some expert tips, consider joining a local gardening clubs. With regular meets, you could make new friends and share your gardening ideas with new people. You might visit other people’s gardens for inspiration, go away on outings with your new pals, or even invite them round to your pad to show off your vegetable patch or alpine rockery. Whatever sort of gardening you are into, there will be a club to match your passion.

Gardening is a great way to get outdoors and take care of the exterior of your property. Without even realising it, you will be taking care of the outside of your pad and creating a brand new usable space for your home that you will enjoy spending time in.

  • Rosie (@greenrosielife)


    If space is limited and you want both veg and flowers you can grown them together in a bed – things like rainbow chard look great with flowers!

    • Leila

      That is a great idea 😉 Thanks Rosie!

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