4 Things To Consider When Creating A Gallery Wall In Your Home

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If you spend more than ten minutes on Pinterest and Instagram it’s easy to see that one of the most common new interior trends for 2019, is going to be creating your very own gallery wall.

A gallery wall is a space on in your home that features several different pieces of art and prints, arranged in what looks like a random formation. It’s a great way to get your personality across in your house, and an inexpensive way to fill any white space you may have.

Often used above your sofa or your bed, this is a trend you should definitely be getting on board with when redecorating your home.

With that in mind, here are five things to consider when creating a gallery wall in your home:

  1. Where Are You Going To Put Your Gallery Wall?

The first thing you need to think about when planning your gallery wall is where you’re going to put it. Often having several different pictures on your wall takes up a lot of space so you need to ensure you have more than enough room to lay everything out. You also need to choose a spot where a number of different pieces of art won’t look out of place or too overcrowded.

  1. How Many Pictures Do You Want To Include?

Once you’ve picked your spot you can start to think about how many pictures you want to include in your gallery. People tend to pick between 5-9 pieces of art to display, however, this number will depend on the size of the space you have. If you want to include more prints but don’t have space, consider the size of the pieces you choose too. They don’t all have to be the same size.

  1. What Pictures Will You Be Using?

Now you know how many pictures you need and where you’re going to be putting them, it’s time to pick your art. Whilst you don’t have to necessarily choose things that match, it’s good to have an overall theme to tie things together. Whether that’s a specific colour scheme, a travel theme or you want to match the decor in the room you’re displaying them in – you’ll be surprised how nicely different pieces of art can tie in together.

  1. What Frames Will You Use?

The next thing you need to do is consider what kind of frames you’re going to be using. As a gallery wall is designed to be a random combination of different themes and styles, the most common thing to do is several different types of frames. Whether that’s mixing gold and black frames or having standard and embossed frames – the choice is completely up to.

If like some, you prefer to have everything tie in nicely, you can choose to have matching photo frames too. For examples, you can visit frames.co.uk.

Are you looking to create a gallery wall in your home? Let me know if you use any of my tips above in the comment section below.


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