You already know how energetic your kids are. They love to run around the park. They love to dance to their favourite songs or play tag with their friends at school. However, while kids can be full of energy, they can also experience lethargy if (or when) they don’t regulate their energy levels properly. This can negatively impact their focus at school, their sleep patterns, and overall health. So, how can you make sure your kids have enough energy no matter what? 

Make Sure They Go To Bed At the Right Time 

The average child needs around eight or nine hours of sleep and you must teach them how to get enough sleep so they aren’t overtired when they need to go to school or for family days out. 

It’s important to set regular bedtimes and ground rules that prevent them from staying up too late. Restricting devices or game consoles after their bedtime is a good place to start. You can also establish a bedtime routine that makes them ready for bed, such as taking a bath or shower, reading for a bit and using softer lighting that tells their brain and body that it’s time for bed. 

Encourage Exercise 

Kids with an active lifestyle are always more energetic than those who spend all their time indoors playing on their computers or watching TV. They have a safe and reliable way to burn off excess energy, but activity also keeps them in good shape, especially if they play sports like football or rugby or participate in athletics. 

Of course, not all kids love these activities, so there’s a risk they have too much pent-up energy. Alternatives include walking around the neighbourhood or taking the dog out if they’re responsible enough. 

Feed Them Well 

A balanced diet will also guarantee better energy levels without causing your child to do too much and crash, which is common if your kids consume too many sweets or energy drinks. Instead, focus on healthy energy sources like fruits and vegetables, protein, and carbs. You can also mix their meals up by preparing different dishes every night. Instead of mashed potatoes, serve them potatoes au gratin alongside their favourite fish or chicken.

Find Ways to Channel Excess Energy 

Some children are hyperactive and have too much energy but not enough outlets to channel it the right way. While it’s great to see your kids be energetic, it can affect their attention span while at school or home, especially if they have homework or revision. 

There are many ways to channel and regulate their excess energy. After-school activities are a good solution, and there are plenty of local clubs to join that offer different ways to burn off energy, such as community groups or martial arts classes. 


While you don’t want your kids to be running around at a million miles an hour every day, you still need them to have plenty of energy when required. This energy could be useful at school to help them concentrate or when they’re playing sports. These tips should help all parents find the best ways to ensure their kids are full of energy at the right times.