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Did you ever ask yourself this question? Well, I did more than few times. Once when I set up sleeping, feeding and bathing routines the question repeated over and over again!

So it was time to explore ways of how to keep my M happy and entertained ALL DAY LONG. What to do with my baby?

Morning play

I found that my best part of the day is early morning. M is so smiley and chatty in the morning. I sit her in her chair, make myself coffee and we start our super fun time. During this I read her our favorite books and I set up little play with puppets or soft toys. She enjoys it so much.

After morning nap we go out for walk, grocery shopping or library. She loves observing around, though sometimes she is sensitive on too loud noises or flashing lights so I keep avoiding big shopping centers or main roads.

Afternoon play

This time after nap I play instruments and sing songs. It is well known that babies love music, M is one of them. She’s staring into me without blinking that so many times makes me laugh.

Also, she ”plays” on her own in baby gym or by looking into montessori gabbi mobiles. Keep in mind one of the way to develop child imagination is by letting them to learn how to play on their own.

That is how I play with my nearly 4 months old baby. I’m very much looking forward when she will start exploring with her little hands then I will introduce her all new set of games.

Keep you posted 😉

And yes, please do share your ideas how to play with your baby? I would love to hear 😉




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