7 Awesome Etsy Christmas Gift Ideas


Ho ho ho! (Make sure you read that in a deep, rumbling Santa voice.)

I have been scouring the internet for you.  I love nothing more than buying presents. Getting to write a gift guide feels like I get to buy them for you too!

Obviously I can’t give you the pleasure of unwrapping the gifts themselves, but I hope one or two of the ideas might be what you’ve been hunting for.

My  Christmas gift guide includes  The Best Etsy Christmas Gifts I have found that are handmade and charming. I also love supporting a small business at the same time.

If you’re thinking of ordering anything custom – do so now! There’s usually a long lead time to get something made and Etsy shop owners are usually slammed at Christmas time. Click through each link for more info on pricing and timing.

The perfect pressies to make your loved ones smile.


Mini Christmas Glove Puppet – meet some festive characters and make your own Christmas story with those super cute puppets. I can’t  wait to show Mia and create our own stories.


Personalised Baking Set – Delight any child with a unique personalized baking gift set, this one with a Rudolph  inspired Design. A beautiful set of child friendly sized utensils.


Personalised Christmas Sack – Adorable Santa Sack made specially for your child. I love it and can’t wait to put all presents inside of this beautiful Santa Sack.


Mini wooden alphabet blocks – custom name blocks – These fun illustrated alphabet blocks make a lovely gift or decoration in a nursery or children’s bedroom. Each block features illustrations, letters and numbers on all 6 sides.


Instagram Santa Card – A card to send to your insta-obsessed inter-buddy (who doesn’t have one 🙂


Treasure Basket Wooden Toys – I love this set of wooden toys. Inspired by Montessori educational approach, the 15 piece Treasure Basket Wooden Top-up Set is the perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to plastic toys.
This versatile collection will provide endless sensory play possibilities.


Chalkboard Wrapping Paper – Gorgeous chalky gift-wrap to give your Christmas gifts a beautiful touch. You can decorate or write straight onto the wrapping paper using the white paint pen or some standard white chalk.

What are you favourite etsy gift ideas?

Happy Wrapping!

L xoxo

  • Kate


    Really great ideas! Pinning and will have to check them out later!

    • MLK123

      Thank you Kate.

  • Charissa


    I am loving that chalkboard wrapping paper! Very unique! I also like the personalized blocks, super cute!

    • MLK123

      Thank you Charissa.

  • sonya


    great round up! some I will definitely have to check out!

    • MLK123

      Thank you.

  • tineke - workingmommyabroad


    Love the wooden kitchen tools, so cute!

    • MLK123

      Thank you Tineke.

  • Kecia


    These are all cute gift ideas! I like the Santa sack, though my boys have ones with their names painted on them already.

    • MLK123

      Thank you Kecia.

  • Mary Barham


    These are GREAT finds!! LOVE the personalized baking set!! My daughter would love that… she is obsessed with her name and pretending to me mommy!

    • MLK123

      🙂 🙂 thank you Mary.

  • Rebekah | My Circus, My Monkeys


    I love that chalkboard wrapping paper! No need for gift tags!

    • MLK123

      Thank you Rebekah.

  • Vivianna


    All the best stuff is on Etsy!

    • MLK123

      Yes they are 😉

  • Emma | KidsCashandChaos


    I love the wooden toy set! I’ve been trying to think of something for my toddler who doesn’t NEED anything.

    • MLK123

      Lol. Thanks Emma

  • Miri


    SO CUTE. Amazing!

    • MLK123

      Thank you Miri.

  • Megan


    Love the wooden toys and blocks. There’s something so classy about the old-fashioned toys that I love…and they’re super functional for little ones, too.

    • MLK123

      Yes so true. Thanks Megan.

  • Sharon Chen


    These designs are very pretty! You’re very creative!

    • MLK123

      Aww. Thank you Sharon.

  • val


    NEED that chalkboard wrapping paper! So so pretty

    • MLK123

      Thank you Val.

  • suzanne


    These are all so adorable! That personalized baking set it just so cute.

    • MLK123

      I love it too. Thanks

  • Stephanie Cragg


    These are awesome! I love Etsy shopping! You get something unique, top quality and support small businesses – from the comfort of your own home. A win for everyone!

  • Shannon


    This is a great list!

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