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Hello, let me introduce myself…I’m Leila, Montessori teacher, blogger, maker and dreamer. I’m also a wife and mama to gorgeous little baby girl who fills my days with sunshine and make my world a happier place.

When Mia was born I spent a lot of those early sleep deprived nights thinking about the future. I decided that I should stop waiting for this magical ‘one day’ moment to arrive and should start making my daydream come to life. So although my dreams are big I am only taking things one day at a time. Being proud of small achievements and sprinkling seeds that might sprout into something more I’m taking some of my grand plans and taking tiny steps in a new direction who knows what the future might hold.

This small space is my notebook, a place to share words and ideas…sometimes just a sentence or two and other times a great tumble of thoughts. Somewhere to treasure and preserve the lovely times I have with my own little one and to share our wanders, makes and small adventures.

I am so pleased that you stumbled across my little space…I hope that my musings will be cheerful, charming and uplifting…and that this space will be a happy place to visit.   





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