Avocado and Yogurt

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Since my baby M wasn’t feeling well past few days naturally she lost her appetite and at the moment not so happy for meal time. She had such good weaning start so I was little bit worry if she will start being fussy over food. I’m trying to offer her easy meals and lot of fruit and veggie purees until she is ”old her”. Through past two months of our weaning journey I realised that being patient and consistent is so important; and lots of fun and smiles all around. Food is one of essential part of our life so once we build good habits they will follow your little one through the life time.  Today I made this super easy dish Avocado and Yogurt – recipe below 😉



Avocado & Yogurt 


  • 1 ripe avocado (thinner and should feel soft)
  • 3-4 tbsp of natural yogurt


  1. Peel skin from avocado, quarter and slice
  2. Blend avocado and yogurt with a food processor or hand blender until smooth.

*makes 2-3 portions

*suitable from 6 months

*Prep time 5 minutes


Happy Weaning

L xxx



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