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I was delighted to be approached by online cake company bakerdays about reviewing one of their beautiful cakes. I was intrigued to be told that they can send you a cake that fits through your letter box. Now this is cool. I love a gift that can be posted hassle free to a friend or relative for a special occasion. They do bigger cakes as well and cupcakes but this was the unique cake.

Mia’s Birthday

It was Mia’s birthday at the end of the August so I arranged to have one delivered on her birthday. It came in the cutest box and tin. I ordered a watermelon cake. There are lots of pictures you can choose to have on your cake or you add your own picture. You can choose from different flavoured cakes and can even have gluten free.

We went for vanilla sponge with icing. The cake is a mini cake and is 2-4 portions. Depends on how big a slice of cake you like. It was yummy. The cake was really moist and vanilla tasty. The thin layer of icing was just right.

So if you are a bit stuck for ideas why not get a bakerdays cake for your best friend, or family. Mia really liked it and so did everyone.

Disclaimer – I received my cake free of charge from Baker Days.



  • Eva Katona


    Bakerdays is fantastic for small surprise cakes as well! We love them.

    • Leky83

      Thanks Eva.

  • Tracey Kifford


    That’s a really cute idea! It’s something a bit different x

    • Leky83

      Thanks Tracey.

  • Emily Leary


    A clever idea! These little cakes look adorable with so many different designs to choose from!

    • Leky83

      Thanks Emily.

  • Lyndsay-Rose


    Oh I do love a slice of cake! I also love Bakerdays, they wow me with the designs they are able to create

  • Lucy Dorrington


    This is such a fun design for a cake, so colourful!

  • Rachael


    Bakerdays are great, the cakes taste so good, don’t they? I’m glad Mia enjoyed hers.

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