Funny Baby Girl Traveler

This service includes:

1.Holiday nanny

This service includes that me or one of my girls will travel with family in the UK or abroad and look after children and work with them during family’s holiday.
Holiday nanny must be arranged in advance and we can be flexible to family’s needs.
For more details, fees, terms and conditions please contact me.



2.Consultation and help in search for your new childcare

We offer consultation and advice in search for your new au pair or nanny.
It includes: visit to your home, meeting whole family, spending day or two with children (working in normal daily routine).
After that based on my experience I would be able to advise you what kind of childcare would be best for your family.
I could be able to interview the potential au pairs/nannies or give further advise in case when you are not sure.
Please note: we do not look for your new nanny in terms of advertising and we do not offer full time/part time nannies unless it is holiday nanny.
For fees and full terms and conditions please contact me.

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