Children’s Books About Love that I Like Best

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I know that there are so many blog post with similar topic but being so much in love with books I simply couldn’t avoid not to share my favorite three.


On the Night You Were Born, how reassuring, beautiful and life enhancing for a child to be told that he or she is so very special that “You are the one and only ever you.” This is precisely what Nancy Tillman does in her beautifully illustrated picture book for the very young. It tells us how unique and wonderful each person is. Bought this book when my daughter was born and it felt as if the author had been reading my mind when she penned this. What a stunning gift for a child and a lovely story to read aloud to your little one.

Guess How Much I Love You, this book proved to be a great resource in my teaching, particularly in nursery. It is so versatile and can be enjoyed by many ages. It is really easy to engage with as there are so many possible themes in the story which can be explored to a suitable depth dependent on the children’s ages love, friendships, emotions, animals. On other hand this is a book we buy for ourselves. We read it to our children but really we read it because it confirms to us, in just a few short words, just how absolutely we love and adore our children, so much more than they could ever imagine.


Marguerite’s Fountain, last but not least. This is a gorgeous book, a hopeful testament and beautiful story to true love and genuine courage.

Please do share your favorite children’s love stories, I would love to hear?

L xxx


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