Cleaning Hacks: Show Your Bathroom Some Love

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Our bathrooms take such good care of us, yet we hardly give it more love than a quick wash once or twice a week. If you have children, you know how hard it can be to keep it clean and tidy at all times – and you might end up feeling a bit unhappy with the way it looks, from time to time.

Luckily, there are a few bathroom hacks that will make your life way easier in terms of cleaning and tidying. Plus, they make it way less likely that you experience one of those bathroom disasters where the drains are clogged and the taps are leaking.

Here I share a handful of ways to show your bathroom some love once in a while, so that it can take care of you for longer. 

Keep a cleaning basket handy

The first and easiest way to make the whole cleaning process much less troublesome is to clean it a little bit every second day or so. That way, you won’t have to do that massive haul once a week and can enjoy a sparkling clean bathroom every day.

The trick is to fill a basket with everything you need to clean the bathroom quickly; some disinfecting wet-wipes, a sponge, a spray cleaner, etc – whatever it takes to make it easier to clean.

Encourage your family members and children to do the same, by the way, and consider making a natural cleaner if you’re worried about them touching all those chemicals.

Buy a drain cleaner

You know that terrible job of cleaning all those hairs away from the drain? It’s undoubtedly the nastiest job ever. By buying one of drain cleaners, you’re making the job way easier – and might even find yourself cleaning hairs out of the drain a bit more often.

It makes it much less likely that the plumbing calls it a day as well, by the way, and you certainly won’t have to call any blocked drain specialists anytime soon. You should pour some boiling hot water down there once in a while as well, though, to make sure you’re getting rid of anything that could wear those pipes out.

Put your lemons to work

While some people swear to use vinegar when cleaning the bathroom, a lemon will do just a good of a job on those hard water marks (personally my favourite) and you’ll have a fresh lemon scent filling up your room when you’re done instead of a sour vinegar smell.

Rub some lemon on the marks on your taps and shower head, and they’ll disappear quickly. It’s such an affordable way to clean the bathroom and makes it smell perfectly fresh.

Cleaning the bathroom is actually not that dreadful when you manage to keep it reasonably clean throughout the week. These hacks make it a bit easier for you so that you can enjoy a fresh and sparkling clean morning routine every day.


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