Do Your Eyes Light Up When You See Your Baby?

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Since I have got my little one, every day I discover new side of me as a mother. Even I always miss that one or two hours of sleeping when I see Mia’s face my eyes light up and happily my day begins.

Each day when I talk to my mum she is always thrilled to hear every detail. Even though I’m usually bothering her with something super boring she is always so supportive. Although I’m 32 years old, it feels reassuring to have someone who is truly happy that I exist.


Learning from my mother and loving all children I looked after, now that I have child of my own, I never hide how happy am to see Mia. Even when I’m buried in my laptop, when I’m ironing, sorting, washing…multitasking, I always look up with a huge grin and my eyes twinkling when I see her face.

Peeking into Mia’s crib every morning to get her smile makes my day and she, for sure, has definitely noticed.

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