Etsy: Ten Gifts That Every Teacher Will Love


Soon will mark the last day of nursery for my daughter, a bittersweet day for sure. My mom always sent in a plant for the teacher on the last day of school, and I will hand down the tradition to my children too.

As you already know Etsy is by far one of my favourite places on the internet. They make wonderful gifts. This time I was looking for a personalized and some cool gifts that every teacher will love. I came across this beautiful items that I’m sure you will love too.

Winnie the Pooh Thank you Teacher Card £3.50

Green Grammar Pencils £6.00

Personalised Teacher Tote Bag £8.97

Bits & Pieces Baskets £55.00

Wooden 3 Charm Mustard Yellow Colour Statement Necklace £28.00

Funny Teacher Mug £11.93

Teacher Definition Print £5.96

7 Days ‘Till Friday Pencil Case £8.00

Thanks For Helping Me Grow – Plant Bag £4.00

Personalised Teacher Gift: Water Bottle & Notebook £6.00

Which one would you choose?

L xoxo


  • Beth


    I can’t believe how quick this school year has gone, these are all beautiful gifts my personal favourite is the tote bag, we’re going for a tote bag for my daughter’s teacher- practical and pretty! Also love the tradition of giving a plant that’s really lovely. Enjoy the summer holidays!

    • Leila

      That’s true! Thanks Beth!

  • Beth


    I can’t believe how quickly this school year has gone. These are all great gifts, my personal favourite is the tote bag, that’s what we’ve gone for! I love the tradition of the plant as well that is really lovely x

    • Leila

      Thanks Beth!

  • Rebecca Smith


    These are such lovely gift ideas! I especially love the Thanks For Helping Me Grow plant bag – what a great sentiment.

    • Leila

      Thanks Rebecca!

  • Streamed TV Fan


    What a great post for the right time of the year. I love Etsy but it takes a long time to trawl through all the stuff. Thanks for whittling it down to ten lovely presents.

    • Leila


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