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Where do parents want to go when they’ve had their children? It’s an obvious guess so you don’t get a pat on the back. The countryside is by far, the most desired destination for parents because they’re away from the city and therefore higher crime rates, there are a lot fewer cars, therefore, less chance of being involved in a road accident with your children, and generally, it’s more peaceful with less noise. However not all of us can retreat away in this fashion, therefore bound by the city limits, we try to make sure we have a home that is well and truly suburban. It’s residential, but by no means is it a real countryside home. Nevertheless, you have the best of both worlds almost because you’re not too far from the countryside and a quarter-hour drive into the city. It’s not quite what you may have wanted or dreamed about having. No doubt that if your heart is set on moving out to the countryside, you’ll get there in the end. In the meantime, why not bring the countryside home to you?

In the country, they’re old-fashioned; in a good way. They have this mentality of living from the land as much as you can without it becoming a chore. That’s why electricity is used sparsely because in country homes, candles play a big role in lighting up the living areas, both inside and outside. Iron lanterns, painted black are the most popular choice, as they’re relatively cheap yet they’re sturdy. It’s also because they’re heavy and thus when the winds that bluster unbroken over the fields and slam into the side of a home, they don’t fall off the hooks. These lanterns would also make a great gift for anyone living close to the city as well.

Those of us that are lucky enough to live nearer or in the countryside, will know that we have access to some great parks. Open up Google Maps, and find the nearest park to you and perhaps specifically a walking park. These types are large open spaces of fields, tall and old trees, along with several water features such as ponds and rivers. Every home out in the green fields needs a household with wellies. And don’t forget the little one, with Cuckoolands gifts for her collection, new mothers can buy their toddlers little wellies, from starting from size 4 for small feet. They’re of a Nordic design therefore made for a close grip of the foot and featuring a non-slip undersurface.


After a long day of heaving the kids around from school, to the doctors appointment, then to the shops and finally back home, there’s only one thing you need. Keep calm, and drink tea. Mugs with countryside fields, animals, tractors, and traditional living pictures, subtly bring the countryside to your kitchen. It’s a gentle reminder of the beauty and nature of that kind of lifestyle. Why settle for a plain white mug when you have this option?

Any of these items can be gifts too but more of the kind that enchant a home with the countryside, is always good thing. From the humble tea mug, to the stoic iron lanterns and family gear like wellies, bring the country living style home to your family.


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