Gifts To Combat The January Blues


The January blues hit us all. Christmas has been and gone, Easter is still a few months away, and maybe the only festivity you’ve got coming up this month is your brother’s birthday. It’s a quiet and slow time, and it’s a time that you’re probably feeling a bit bored over.

But you can always make changes to combat feelings like these, seeing as January is a great time to do a bit of retail therapy… there’s sales everywhere, and shops are opening up earlier and longer to try and make a bit more money. So why not take advantage of this? Here’s a couple of gifts out there that are going to do the most legwork for making you feel better this wintery season.

Take the Kids on a Big Day Out

It’s not just you feeling bored this season, there’s a very good chance the rest of your family is as well! And if you’ve got a young family around you, especially toddlers or kids in their early teens, let’s make sure they’ve got something to look forward to over the next couple of weeks! Hey, the more time you spend with the people you love most in the world means the better distracted you’ll be from the blue feelings flowing through you right now.

Maybe it’s time to go to Disneyland? Maybe it’s time to head over to central or greater London and spend a couple of nights in a hotel to make sure you take in all the touristy sites whilst you’re there? Maybe you need to take a city break in paris, to introduce your kids to fine dining and foods they would never see on their school lunch menus?

Think About the Jewels on Offer

Jewellery is something everyone out there loves, whether you’re a casual wearer at formal events only, or someone who’s always decked out in their finest pearls, and love to colour coordinate their accessories and their outfits. Not to mention, jewellery can be a great investment, and if you know how to pick them, there’s always some expensive pieces out there going cheap in antique stores.

Maybe you could even have a search through your own collection, to see if you can make any extra money right now? Or you can head online, if you don’t fancy leaving your comfy armchair right now. Companies like Opals Australia have some great gifts for anyone who loves having their necks, ears, and fingers sparkle.

Buy Yourself a Good Book

There’s lots of good books out there, and if you’re someone who loves reading, it’s time to pad out your bookshelf just a little bit more. You’re always hungry for more and more words, and you’ve got some downtime right about now, so let’s make sure you’ve got a good fantasy world to get stuck into!

For January, make sure you’re making investments that will keep paying you back for the rest of the year. You’ve got some time and money right now!

  • Louise


    My youngest has been getting fed up this weekend because we’ve been stuck indoors due to the weather. I’m hoping to do something fun with them next weekend to make up for it. God knows we all need it!!

    Louise x

    • Leila

      So much agree! Can’t wait for spring!

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