Happy New Year!

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Dear All,

this year has been unreal. So many amazing memories and unforgettable moments with some pretty amazing people. For sure highlight of my year is my baby. I discovered that you don’t just become mom when your baby is born. No, in my mind, you become mom twice. The first time is when we see those two little lines and you make perspective of the future 50 years in advance. Your are so happy and so scared in same time. You change emotionally and physically, you start preparing life on outside for her or him growing on inside. The second time you become mother when your little one is placed in your arms. Your heart open the way you never could imagine, you become guardian, protector and educator for little one. But most of all you are challenged to secure safe future in todays  uncertain world. It is not easiest job but I would do it hundred times over just to smell the smell of her skin and to hold her  close.

I have learned so much, and grown so much. I’m truly grateful for every experience and cannot wait to continue this journey next year with you all. I wish you a very Happy New Year!

L xxx



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