Have Lovely Weekend!

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What are you up this weekend? Are you planning anything exciting or just snuggling at home? We are going on short holiday with grandparents. I start packing (my least favorite part of holiday). Also, the comments and number of views on my baby cheerios post were truly amazing. Thank you! Hope you have a good weekend, and here are few fun links from around the web…

What about this a fun and fabulously original personalized book all about your dad that will enlighten, amuse and surprise? ( idea for Father’s Day).

How cool is this? (for Montessori fans)

Mia’s bed time essentials that must go with us: pajamassummer sleeping bagbunny and Guess How Much I Love You, much loved bed time story (photo above).

Why don’t safe yourself planning and have fun with home cooking – check this it is half price (I treat myself with new recipes every month).

Do or don’t: get this lovelies?

Enjoy your days

L xxx



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