Being a parent is a big responsibility and requires a lot of your time and attention. It’s important that you not only set boundaries and have rules in place but that you also make time for your child and find ways to show them you care.

You may be interested in deepening your bond and becoming closer with your son or daughter. In this case, learn how to improve your relationship with your child so you can have a rewarding connection and live a happy and fulfilling life together.

Sit Down to Eat Meals

You can improve your relationship with your child by sitting down to meals with them in the kitchen. Eat meals together regularly as an opportunity to talk and connect in the comfort of your home. Mealtime is an important time of the day and a chance to relax and get on the same page. It may not be possible to eat meals with your child all the time or for every meal but try to be as consistent as possible for the best outcome. You may even want to get in the habit of cooking and setting the table together so you can spend even more time together.

Have Fun Together

Another way to improve your relationship with your child is to let loose and have some fun with them. Be silly and enjoy the opportunity to do activities and things together that you find pleasurable and that put a smile on your face. There are many ways to spend quality time and have fun such as by going to the park or heading to and participating in soft play from Snakes and Ladders. Mix up what you do so that you are having new adventures and experiences that you can look back on in the future and reminisce about.

Help & Support Them

If you want to improve your relationship with your child then be there to help and support them. For example, they may need your assistance with their school homework or maybe they play sports and want you to attend their games. Be a good listener and let them know that you’re always there for them so that they feel motivated to come to you when they need something or are feeling confused on a particular matter. This is a great way to build trust and ensure that your child feels supported and loved. Use mistakes they do make as learning opportunities and a chance to advise them based on your own experiences.

Ask Questions & Listen

You can also improve your relationship with your child by asking them questions and getting them to talk and share. Once they do open up to you then make sure you listen attentively and eliminate any possible distractions to give them your undivided attention. The better you are at listening and paying attention to what they have to say the more likely it is that they’ll continue to open up and come to you in the future. This rapport and open communication is a great foundation for building a long-lasting and gratifying relationship with your child.