”If a child does not set a table for a group of people who are really going to eat, if he does not have real brushes for cleaning, and real carpets to sweep whenever they are used, if he does not himself have to wash and dry dishes and glasses he will never attain any real ability.” Montessori, Maria – Discovery of the Child

With these words in my mind I always look for practical activities that are culturally and socially relevant and appealing in my home. But what could it be? What materials I could use that would be both appeal to the three year old and stay as appealing and engaging until she is six. For me, the answer was sewing (and I personally love it).

I wanted to create activities that are interesting, creative and engaging. The hands is the brains connection to the world around us. In today’s world there is a great deal of concerns about children’s development of fine motor skills. Like every parent sometimes I FOUND MYSELF STRUGGLING  how to minimalise screen time and as much as possible increase developing fine motor skills.

With this blog post I will start my serious of Montessori inspired sewing activities. This post is introduction to sewing for three years old and starts with simple handwork of cutting and stringing beads. The main skills I’m looking to develop at this time are finger strength and dexterity, scissor skills, and eye-hand coordination.

Those are first preliminary lessons to sewing that I’ve introduce to my daughter. I have to mention that some of these activities Mia done before and she is pretty confident in using scissors. Simple to set up and make busy little fingers.


  1. Snipping Yarn
  2. Tying Knots
  3. Snipping Play-Doh
  4. Bead Stringing (large and small beads)
  5. Necklace Making

Have fun!

L xxx