As soon as you get a mortgage quote for your dream family home, you no doubt start to think about all of the wonderful ideas that you can pursue to make the property as perfect as possible. One area that can always benefit from renovation is your garden, as you can make it much more lovely and child friendly. Spending time in the garden can be beneficial for both you and your children in so many ways, no matter what the weather. Although all seasons bring their share of small garden maintenance and planting jobs, spring is when we start to enjoy the outdoors. The return of fine weather announces the long evenings and afternoons spent in the sun with the kids. Here are 5 ideas that can inspire you to make some improvements to your garden!

Organize the space 

It’s never too late to create different outdoor spaces. This can involve setting up borders, planting hedges or arranging a fence or other elements such as a bench, a swing or a garden furniture. Creating corners with beds or screens allows you to enjoy places in the shade without vis-à-vis, perfect for summer!  Keep lawns and hedges tidy. Invest in good equipment too. You may want to look at a poulan rte115c review

Add a fountain or a water feature 

The choice of models can be done according to all tastes! From the designer fountain to the rustic-looking basin, there are several ways to bring a little freshness in this form. Small gardens will of course be more suitable for small-format auxiliary fountains. It is ideal for relaxing while enjoying the sound of the water flowing, for example by having a bench next to it can calm the mind. 

Encourage the presence of wildlife 

What would a garden be without the life that animates it? If we appreciate, for example, dragonflies for their ability to repel mosquitoes, we can also try to attract birds, squirrels, hedgehogs and other pollinating insects. It keeps your plants vibrant and your flowers blossoming and fertilising. To do this, we can use insect hotels, plants such as lavender or scatter feeders and drinking water points, which are very popular during the hottest days. Animals such as hedgehogs live under bushes and they can be really lovely for the kids to see. Inviting wildlife into the garden makes it blossom in abundance, which is great for garden lovers. Spending time outdoors is good for your health. Sitting out and soaking up vitamin D is brilliant for the immune system, as is playing outdoors with the kids! 

Add decorative elements 

There are of course the essentials like the style of the garden furniture – in wood, rattan, pallets or woven resin – and the flowerpots, but many equally subtle elements can bring charm and character to an exterior. For example, garlands, a pergola, lanterns or even the choice of the ground between paving or gravel. You can add floral elements on the walls and make it look incredible! 

Promote soil life 

Plants extract the elements from the soil through an incredible amount of intermediaries (fungi, bacteria, etc.). We are only now beginning to inventory and understand these complex relationships, but it is already obvious that fertilizers play very little part in this “food chain”. And that in most cases they destroy part of it. It is therefore better to feed the life of the soil to increase its fertility.  You can add compost which will be a great food for your soil. Most things will grow in the soil if you adopt this tip.

Plant Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs 

Taking the chance to plant fruits, vegetables and herbs will provide you with a great learning opportunity for your children, as you can take them through the plant life cycle and show them how their food grows. Start with a few easy seed types, such as tomatoes, strawberries and basil. Plant them either directly in the ground or in pots, and read the instructions regarding sunlight and watering needs. Take them outside each day and encourage them to check their plants’ progress, then when they start to bear produce, enjoy your homegrown fruits, vegetables and herbs! Learning about where their food comes from is so vital for your little ones, and they could easily develop a love for gardening which could carry on into their adult life! There’s nothing better than freshly picked produce straight from your backyard.